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Come & Try Bitless Days

The Bitless Inc Bridle Bank can be loaned by any Bitless Inc Enthusiast or Fanatic Member so that clubs, groups and instructors can run Come & Try Bitless Days for your group and the local community. 

The whole bridle bank, or just certain styles or sizes can be loaned.  There is no weekly loan fee of $10 if the Bridle Bank is returned to Bitless Inc within 7 days. Postage costs (both ways) apply and a $10 weekly loan fee applies after the 7th day.  The Bitless Inc Bridle Bank is a precious gift entrusted to us by the makers of these bridles, and it should be treated as such.  All users of the bridles in the Bank must be Bitless Inc Members or Guests, for insurance purposes. One Bitless Inc Member from the group, takes responsiblity for the Bridle Bank, its use and safe return.  Loss of bridles, or damage beyond minor wear and tear will be charged to the Member responsible for the Bridle Bank. 

A suggested test course is provided with the bank.  Often the biggest obstacle to transitioning to bitless is the rider/driver's expectations.  Having a task to focus on helps distract a nervous rider or driver, and relaxes the horse.  Bitless Inc recommends that participants ride the test course in their normal tack, before trying a bridle from the Bank.  This allows the organiser to assess which bitless bridle might be suitable, and to ensure that the rider is capable of safely negotiating the course.

Groups can also agree to participate in Bitless Inc's research on Bitless Transitions.  A video camera can be supplied with the Bridle Bank to film Before and After rides.  It can be a useful tool for those who are riding or driving, to see the difference for themselves when they are no longer nervous and focussed on the task, and it will also be a fantastic collection of data for Bitless Inc's research into the bit to bitless transition.  Privacy of all participants is paramount, and will be protected, and any participant can elect not to be filmed.  The horse's responses to the change in bridle is what the research is focussed on, not the riders' style or ability. 

As Come & Try Bitless Days require most, if not all, of the Bitless Inc Bridle Bank, please request your dates well in advance, so we can ensure all Bridles already out on loan can be returned in time.

The complete Bitless Inc Bridle Bank can be veiwed Here

Bitless Inc Bridle Bank Loan Request

Individuals wishing to loan Bridles, please us the form Here.

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I understand that I will be personally responsible for the bridles in my care, and will ensure all items are returned in the condition I receive them in. I understand that I may be charged for lost or damaged items.




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