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Hoof Sports Application

Ready to start your own Hoof Sports Club?  Its so easy, and Bitless Inc is here to help you along the way.  Fill in the information below, and our Secretary will be in touch to process your application, and help you get started.  Your application will take 1 - 4 weeks to be approved by the Bitless Inc Executive Committee.  You need to await written approval of your Hoof Sports application, prior to advertising your Hoof Sports Club, or booking events.  While you're waiting, have a look at some of the other Hoof Sports pages so you have an idea of what yours will look like. 


New Hoof Sports Club Application

Name of Club (suburb or district followed by 'Hoof Sports') 
Name of Primary Contact 
Bitless Inc Member # 
Primary Contact Email 
Name of Seconder 
Bitless Inc Member # 
Advertised Club Contact Information
Club Email 
Other Contact 
Will You Accomodate:

Will Your Club allow Bits on Horses?

What Sports or Activities do you intend to offer? 
Tell us about your Clubs goals or philosophy 
What else would you like the webpage to say? 
I, the Primary Contact named above, hearby apply to form a new sub-committee (Hoof Sports Club) of Bitless Inc, named above. I agree to ensure that all of our activities and events follow the Bitless Inc Constitution, Code of Conduct and General Safety Guidelines, for the time being in force. I acknowledge that all equestrian activities involve risk and can be dangerous, and I will ensure all members act responsibly and safely at all times. I understand that all participants (anyone handling a horse) at our Hoof Sports activities or events must be a Member of Bitless Inc, or a Guest signed up on the day by an Authorised Bitless Inc Member. Volunteers not handling horses (such as judges, canteen or parking assistants) do not need to be financial members of Bitless Inc.
I, named above,
While you are waiting to hear from us, please prepare some images (or links to images you have permission to use) of your group 'in action', for the webpage; your logo, if you have one, and a word document of your events calendar. We will update your webpage once a month, please email any entry forms, updated calendar, or changes you wish to make to your Hoof Sports Club Page to the Secretary, by the 15th of each month.


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