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You will receive a Members pack as soon as your Membership is approved by the Committee.  Your Members Pack will be sent to your email address, and will include your printable Membership Card, instructions on how to access the members forum, log activities and participate in the High Point Awards.  Membership approvals may take 1 to 4 weeks.  If you do not hear from us within 4 weeks, please email the secretary as some email programs like to put us in the spam pile.  If you require urgent confirmation of Membership, please Contact Us ASAP.

While you're waiting....

Please fill in the following survey.  It is optional, but its your opportunity to have your say in the future of Bitless Inc.

If you filled in the survey in previous years, there is no need to do so again, unless your responses have changed since then.

Any personal information provided here will never be disclosed to any third party, and is confidential.  This survey will help Bitless Inc gather statistics to ensure we are meeting the needs of Bitless Inc Members and where our campaigning activities should be focussed to benefit the most Members.

Where Did You Hear About Bitless Inc? 
What Is Your Main Reason For Joining? 
How Often Do You Use A Bit? 
Do You Use A Bitless Bridle?
If so, Which One/s? 
What Equestrian Activities Do You Currently Participate In? (eg Dressage, trail riding, showing etc) 
What Other Equestrian Clubs or Associations Are You Currently A Member Of? (eg Bendigo Bitless Riding Club, Hills District Agility Club, Equestrian Australia) 
Please Tell Us About Any Informal Groups You Are Involved With? (eg Trail Riding with friends on Sundays, Agility filming group) 
If You Could Change One Thing In The Equestrian World, What Would It Be? 
What Else Would You Like Us To Know? 



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